Alumni Trust Fund

The Alumni Trust Fund is commited to providing scholarship support for less privileged students of the University in order for them to achieve their academic, professional and enterpreneural dreams and aspirations.

For your information, Bank Account details for AAUA Alumni ETF:
Banker: Access Bank
Number: 1243864556
Thank you.

Scholarship and Student Support
(1) Scholarship for the physically-challenged students.
(2) Merit-based scholarship for students.
(3) Support for Indigent student.
(4) Adopt an indigent student.
Scholarship for the Physically-Challenge Students
(1) Applicants must be physically-challenged.
(2) Applicants will obtain a form, complete it and submit to the Alumni Support Centre.
(3) A minimum of Fifty thousand naira (#50,000.00) only is to be given to qualified students.
(4) Guarantor known to the University will be required to endorse the application form.
Merit-Based Scholarship for Students
(1) For the best student of every level in the Faculties.
(2) The scholarship is for students of 200 to 400 level for students running four years (4-years) programme and 200 to 500 level for students running five years (5-years) programme.
(3) It is payable to qualified students at the beginning of the suceeding Academic Session.
(4) Eligible students must be on minimum CGPA of 4.0
(5) 50% of the total school fees is to be given to qualified students.
Support For Indigent Student
(1) For indigent students (with proof) or at the verge of drop out.
(2) Students must be on a minimum CPGA of 2.0
(3) A support 50% of the students total school fees will be given per session.
Adopt a Student
Alumni and friends of Alumni are encourage to adopt a student with established proof of inability to pay the school fee.